Linda asks…

stanley steemer carpet cleaning?

has any one had them out to clean your carpet and if so is it worth the money? give me some stories good or bad about them

Carpet Cleaner Dude answers:

Used them many times and they are very reasonably priced. If you aren’t moving your furniture (which we didn’t) make sure they put everything up on blocks so as not to stain the carpets until they dry. It’s a normal procedure for them but they can mess up and your wood or fabric that touches the wet carpet will stain it. When they are done your carpets should only be damp and not wet to the touch. If they are wet don’t let them leave until the carpets are only damp. Stanley Steemer is a franchise operation so not all franchises are great. I use them for a whole house cleaning but use my own steam cleaner much more often. I have saved a lot of money by owning my own steam cleaning machine which is a Bissell. I can keep up on carpet cleaning routinely as opposed to waiting until the carpets are in dire need. I would recommend after you use Stanley to buy your own cleaner.

Sandy asks…

Sears Carpet Cleaning vs. Stanley Steemer in the Atlanta area? Which co. had best results and cost?

I have 5 rooms + 14 stairs.
Is it worth it to get the stain protectant? I don’t have any pets, but drink a lot of coffee

Carpet Cleaner Dude answers:

Sears has the best service, if you don’t have pets the stain protectant is not necessary, just try not to spill the coffee on the carpet..I was in Atlanta not to long ago for company affairs, I was in Decatur near the VA hospital, I like Atlanta..☺

George asks…

what do you think about stanley steemer carpet cleaner?

do they have good services… i had them clean my carpet and i thing the did a good job…..

Carpet Cleaner Dude answers:

yellow vans

David asks…

Have you been pleased with your results from having your carpet cleaned by Stanley Steemer?

Compared to other methods and companies, how does Stanley Steemer stack up? I am getting ready to have a whole house of carpet cleaned.

Carpet Cleaner Dude answers:

I was not please with Stanley Steamer. I moved into a house that was only five years old. Even though the carpets were cleaned by the previous owner before they put it on the market, I decided to spend some money and get them steam cleaned again. This was BEFORE I put any furniture in the house.

I asked if there was a discount because there was absolutely no furniture moving and he would also spend less time. His flat response was “no”. Oh well, despite the negative answer, I decided to clean the carpets anyway.

The guy spent about 45 minutes (house is 2,000 sq ft) and left.

But the carpets still had a lot of hair, surface dirt and pieces of paper on it. Also, I don’t think the “steam” was working because I felt his water tank and it was not even luke warm.

This was a total waste of my money. My girlfriend called in a independent carpet cleaner to clean her carpets and they came out much better than mine. And her’s were very badly soiled. I didn’t think they could get it cleaned, but they did.

Thomas asks…

Does Stanley Steemer really get your carpet cleaner than other carpet extractors?

I used Stanley Steemer to clean our carpet right before Christmas and than had to get a rental and do it again after our dog had an accident last week. I’ve noticed that their service was nothing more than hype. Their equipment wasn’t able to pick-up the dog hairs off the carpet and our carpet didn’t look any cleaner or brighter.

I rented a commercial carpet extractor on base and done it myself the second time using hot water from the tub which was hot to the touch. It looked like the rental picked up more dog hair than Stanley Steemer and the carpet even looked brighter. The water looked really dirty as if I paid Stanley Steemer for nothing when they came by a month earlier to clean our carpet. Maybe their service isn’t great in our area, but even if they were up to par will truck mounted units clean your carpet any better than comercial portable extractors as long as you do it at least once a year?

Carpet Cleaner Dude answers:

The short answer is yes…the long answer is no. Most national carpet cleaners will get your carpet relatively clean, but unless they have a truck mounted extraction system, their equipment is no better than what you can rent.

If you have pet stains/odors…use a pro. If you use the wrong treatments on the carpet, it will set the stain, and possibly damage the underflooring.

Quiz your carpet cleaner….do they have a truck mounted system? Are they IICRC certified? What equipment do they use? Will the carpet be wet when they leave? Do they bring in fans? If you hear a bunch of no’s…look elsewhere.

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