Richard asks…

Does an indoor tumble dryer vent kit work?

I found this online. It is a normal dryer vent host that ends in a box that you are supposed to fill with cold water. They say you don’t have to vent the tube out. Has anyone tried this? Do they work?

Carpet Cleaner Dude answers:

I really do not know if they work or not. The biggest problem with not venting the dryer outdoors comes from the humid exhaust. This creates problems in whatever part of the house that it is located in because as we all know, moisture causes damage to many materials, including the framing on a house. And over time, that is exactly what an unvented dryer will do. So, unless this gadget prevents this in some way, then I would not use it.

Sandra asks…

is an indoor dryer vent ok for my lungs?

it seems to be giving me a soar throat

Carpet Cleaner Dude answers:

I had an indoor dryer vent for 5 years. I am now 75 years old and breathing normally.

Linda asks…

Venting an indoor dryer vent: other solutions?

I just moved into my first apartment and bought an electric washer and dryer. Once I moved in I realized that there was no exhaust vent for my dryer. My maintenance man said to buy an indoor exhaust kit for my dryer from Lowe’s (Lam bro Industries 4″ x 5′ Lama Flex Lint Trap Kit). Last night I hooked it up and followed the instructions but the amount of expelled moist air has me worried because the dryer is set up in my closet. Even though I set the kit in the bathroom, the air was so moist that it made the walls and door knobs wet in my bathroom and closet (since I can’t shut the door with the hose in the doorway)

Since my bathroom is right next to my closet, my solution was to connect a 3 way pvc pipe to the top of the lint trap with one part going to the lint trap, the 2nd part from the dryer and the 3rd part with a screen attached and going to my bathroom fan. Here’s a direct link to my plan if that helps

Please let me know if any of you may have a better solution to the moisture problem or if my solution my pose any danger or if there might be a better way to vent out (a window is not an option) or if my solution violates any housing codes.

Carpet Cleaner Dude answers:

That should actually work pretty well. The only concern I would have is the length of the tube from the dryer to the contraption. If it’s too short, the plastic and collected lint will get too hot and may present some problems.

This may be cheaper and do the same thing. It’s set to vent inside, but I don’t see why you couldn’t vent to the bathroom fan. Http://

Carol asks…

Is there a product that will take the moisture out of the air from my indoor dryer vent?

I live in a condo and have a washer and a dryer in my unit. right now i have set up a indoor dryer vent witch is working well and i don’t have the option to have a out door dryer vent. The problem i am having is i am getting to much moisture in the room. the condensation is building up on the windows and dripping down to the window sill. i want to to know if there is a product that i can put on the end of my dryer vent hose that will take the humidity out of the air before it goes into the room?

Carpet Cleaner Dude answers:

The device for taking moisture out of the air is a dehumidifier. But no dehumidifier is going to be able to keep up with the amount of moisture a dryer puts into the air. Vent that dryer to a window. Don’t say you can’t. They sell flexible dryer vents at Home Depot for about $10. If you can’t mount it permanently and properly the just attach it and put it to a window when it’s being used and take it down when it’s not. That much moisture is just not good for the apartment…

Sandy asks…

Has anyone used an indoor dryer vent?

So much heat and energy is lost through venting my dryer outside. I have seen those kits that you can attach to your dryer vent indoors, which lets the heat and humidity help warm your house instead of wasting it by venting it outside.
I think the humidity would be an added bonus as the air in my house seems SO DRY, the static cling is horrible…I shock myself every time I turn on/off a light switch!

Has anyone used these? What are the good and bad? Do you have one you’d reccomend, as well as any I should steer clear from?

Carpet Cleaner Dude answers:

I used one for years. It does improve the humidity in the house and the recaptured heat is a bonus. The down side is that the water container that the hose goes into can sometimes splash if it is too full and gets a little messy to clean sometimes. Really not much to the down side. As Scotty said, this is only good for electric dryers. There really isn’t any difference from one brand to another. The best spot to place them is on the floor and accessible for cleaning and filling. The nylon thing is not really a long term solution. The mesh is so fine that it doesn’t take long to plug up.

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