Ken asks…

What are some suggestions as to getting a squirrel out of the dryer vent?

The landlord, I guess, hired some people to repaint the outside of the house. They scraped some off, and left. They also took off the dryer vent cover, and didn’t put it back on, and now there’s a squirrel inside. I need some suggestions regarding how to get it out. I know one way, but that could end up in bites and scratches and a squirrel on the loose, which is less preferred.
Those are some solid answers. But I think my friend and I are going to try and catch it in a sack and hope for the best haha. I don’t wanna run the dryer, since it’s already trying to get out and it isn’t succeeding, the dryer vent is straight up and down and all it has is lint to grab hold of. It’s scratching and clawing like crazy. And the leaf blower sounds like a good idea, but I’m a broke student and don’t have one. But yeah good answers, thanks.
Oh yeah, and I put the vent cap back on as soon as the gopher was out. Haha don’t want that happening again.
Ah. Thanks guys. We got it. Turns out it went into the dryer, under the big spinning tub (whatever it’s called) and it didn’t want to come out from under it.

We moved the dryer, detached the vent from it, and managed to get the critter out with an old curtain rod. We herded it into a box, closed it, and let it outside. Turns out it was a gopher, not a squirrel. Which is not what I was expecting, seeing as I live near the middle of the city, but whatever. It took a good five minutes to fish it out of the dryer. And we also found a dead chipmunk in there.

But yeah, thanks for all the help guys. ‘Preciate it.

Carpet Cleaner Dude answers:

If you have access to the vent and dont want to hurt the animal or injure your self as you reome one end of the vent duct tape the open end with newspaper and when you remove the other end do the same take the vent and squirrel out side end jab a hole in one end and stand back

Michael asks…

I seem to have cold air coming inside through the dryer…any suggestions for preventing this?

The area in and around my dryer is freezing cold, no doubt due to the cold air outside coming in through the dryer vent. I found that Lowe’s carries a louvered cover that can be used to help keep the vent covered when the dryer is not in use, but it would not fit where my dryer vent comes outside…the cover fit over a round tube, but the outside of my vent has a rectangular shield over it. Any suggestions would be appreciated, as they could help me keep my home warm and cut heating costs. Thanks!
Of course I would like to be able to keep using my dryer when needed!

Carpet Cleaner Dude answers:

The magic of duct tape.

William asks…

Dryer vent filled with 50 gallons of water?


I had never had problems with our dryer vent at my townhouse while I lived there for the past 6 years. Two months ago we rented the townhouse to a couple. 3 weeks ago we heard the water sloshing sound when the dryer was on and the tenants’ clothes wouldn’t get dried. We called the dryer vent cleaning crew and he was not able to fix the issue. We called Roto Rooter and the technician was able to drain out 50 gallons of water from the dryer vent and the dryer was working okay. But just a week later, the water sloshing sound returned and dryer vent is filled with water again.

What could be the problem here? It is the vent itself leaking water? Or is it the dryer that causing the issue? What is the proper fix?

Our dryer vent is under the ground from inside house to the side of the front door. It is only about 12 feet in length. The flap on the vent cover is working properly. We live in Southern California so it is not that cold.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Carpet Cleaner Dude answers:

From the volume of ater and the fact your vent is undergrounf for art of it’s run, I’d say gound water or rain water has found a path into your vent line.Short of ripping out the underground section of vent lineis there any way to re-route a new vent line to the outside and stay ABOVE the slab or floor? You might check if any down spouts are emptying out close to the house near the vent line-an extention on the downspout to route water away from the house may help, but I think your underground vent line has rusted or cracked and is letting water into it.

Nancy asks…

Can dryer duct in attic be covered with insulation?

I am adding insulation to my attic and I know that I must not cover the recessed lights with insulation; however, is there any problem with covering the duct for the dryer vent?

Right now runs across the attic floor and vents outside. I know that duct gets hot, but since it is only water vapor in the duct, it cannot get above boiling point and since that is much less then what is needed to start a fire, I don’t need to take any special precautions, correct?

Carpet Cleaner Dude answers:

You can put insulation over the duct. You can also cover your recessed lights too. They make a cover that goes over the light so the insulation doesn’t cover it.

Another idea is to box in your lights with some scrap plywood leaving space around it to keep flamables off the light.

Robert asks…

how do i balance the tumbler in my GE dryer?

I have a GE dryer which wasn’t working. I had removed the 3 bolts in the dryer and removed the vent cover, removed a bunch of lint. The dryer dries now but makes a lot of noise as if the tumbler is not rotating correctly. The legs on the drier are all balanced correctly so that’s not it. Thanks for your help

Carpet Cleaner Dude answers:

Most dryers have dampers either side of the drum to prevent knocking or uneven roll check these.also if you put washing that too wet it will rotate uneven and cause banging also check the front and rear bearings on the centre hubs be care full the metal work on the front is very sharp

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