Thomas asks…

Chem-Dry carpet cleaner?

trying to compare their prices with stanley steamer.we’re moving out of a rental and have to get the carpets cleaned so we don’t want to pay top dollar for all the extra services. just a basic cleaning. does anyone know about their prices? or who is the cheapest?

Carpet Cleaner Dude answers:

Stanley Steemer & Chem-Dry are pretty close in price.

To save money find a local carpet cleaner. Most in our area are less than both. Look in the yellow pages or in coupon books

Also ask for a empty house discount. We often give discounts on vacant properties because it is much faster and easier to clean.

Just go with someone who does “Truck-Mounted Steam Cleaning” (by far the best method and the only method recommended by 99% of carpet mills)

Good Luck

Paul asks…

Carpet Cleaning: Do you recommend, Dry Chem. Solutions or Steam Vacs to clean carpets?

I have used Capture (dry chemical powder) and I use to own a Hoover Steam Vac. I am trying to decide which is better for my carpet and me, my family and pets. As far as cleaning ability I think that some stains are just meant to come back.

Carpet Cleaner Dude answers:

I used Chem dry and liked them. We had white carpet and 5 kids and it was a mess. He came in and there was no funky smell while he was there and it dried amazingly fast. It was totally dry in 2 hours. And the spots all came out. You really have to spring for the biggest package they offer though. The biggesr package you go with, the deeper the cleaning and the more likely those spots wont come back. They also offer antibacterial solution with the biggest package. The kids could come back in right away if they wanted. Well worth it though! Call them, good luck!

Helen asks…

Any one used chem-dry carpet cleaners are they good?

My carpets need cleaning. I’ve heard chem-drys the best have you used and how did your carpets look after?

Carpet Cleaner Dude answers:

If you were looking to have your whole carpet cleaned. I would recommend a Chem Dry Carpet Cleaning. As it is a low moister cleaning system that uses a product called “The Natural”, which is safe for kids and pets. This product leaves no sticky residue behind so your carpet will stay cleaner.

For a carpet & upholstery cleaner for 14 years

Laura asks…

Difference btwn. steam cleaning & chem-dry?

Does anyone know which is better and what’s the difference between Steam Cleaning your carpet vs. Chem-Dry Cleaning when it comes to pet stains?

Carpet Cleaner Dude answers:

Steam cleaners:
are a relatively new tool used for cleaning that do not require any chemicals. Here we have gathered some useful information for people wanting to know more about steam cleaners or people who are looking to buy one.

Two types of steam cleaners
There are basically two types of steam cleaners. The difference is based on how the steam is created in the apparatus.

Type 1. Cooler but more humid steam cleaner.
This type will generate the steam without actually boiling water. This means that the steam will not be as hot as real steam but a bit cooler. On the other hand it will hold more water and therefore the steam will be more humid.

Type 2. Hot and dry steam cleaner.
The second type is a system that boils the water and thus creates a very hot steam, above 260 degrees Celcius usually.. A boiler fed system creates a very low humidity steam, a so-called dry steam. These steam cleaners are therefore sometimes referred to as dry steam cleaners.

What kind of vapor steam cleaner should I choose?
It should be no secret that we are in favor of the boiler fed vapor steam cleaners. There are several reasons for this:

The steam leaves less moisture on the surface. This means that the surfaces you clean dries much faster. When it comes to materials that absorbs moist – like carpets – this is a big advantage.
Boiler fed systems create much more heat than the non-boiler steam cleaner – steam temperatures over 300 degrees. Due to this excessive heat you need to scrub less and further the heat will sanitize as the high temperatures effectively kills germs and bacteria’s.
A little water goes a long way with a boiler fed system, one quart of water produces about a thousand gallons of steam.
Less moisture is left in the indoor environment, far better for those suffering from allergies.
It will be more easy to clean ceilings as you will have far less dripping water from the excessive moist generated.
No chemicals needed.

Carpet steam vapor cleaners
Home steam carpet cleaners are getting more and more popular as people realize that these are actually sufficient to do a thorough job – and there’s really no need to hire a professional carpet cleaner. Today you can actually purchase quality rug steam cleaners that are almost as effective as the professional ones.
However, we do advise a bit of “window-shopping” before you go and make your decision. Check out different stores and prices, that is always a good idea.

Steam cleaners vs. Vapor steam cleaners – is there a difference?
There is no official difference between the two terms although steam cleaner often refers to high temperature systems. So one could say that vapor steam cleaners correspond to the type 1 cleaner described above in “Types of steam cleaners” and steam cleaners correspond to type 2.

Here you can find more information on carpet cleaners.

Portable steam cleaners (hand held steam cleaners)
Portable steam cleaners, as the term insinuates, are made as smaller and more handy devices. The hand held steam cleaners are less powerful than the regular steam cleaners but also cheaper. The applications vary, but are generally for smaller jobs such as cleaning a stove for example.

Here you can find more information about portable steam cleaners.

Steam cleaner manufacturers:

WhiteWing, Bissel, Eureka, Polti Eco Pro 3000, Ladybug, Ladybug XL, Tidy Vap, VaporJet, Steamax.


Most Carpets Dry in 1 Hour
Removes Stubborn Stains
Safe, Non-toxic and Hypoallergenic
No Sticky Residues
Avoid using wet, soapy solutions to clean your carpet. Soaking wet carpets may look clean for a short while, but the residual soap scum dries to become a sticky mold and dirt attractor. We at Action ChemDry, welcome you to discover our totally safe, unique, and environmentally friendly top quality process to clean carpets and upholstery fabrics. This patented process is approved by the leading manufacturers for most carpets and fabric, including oriental rugs.

With the Action ChemDry process most carpets dry in one to two hours, and most stubborn stains, pet stains and black edges will be removed. Carpets cleaned the Action ChemDry way are left sparkling clean. Our secret is the power of the effervescent carbonating cleaning solution that is so effective that only a small amount of the moisture is necessary to achieve a clean carpet.

Michael asks…

Have you ever used Chem Dry carpet cleaners? Are they any better than regular carpet cleaners?

A gentleman that owns a Chem Dry franchise told me that they us a carbonated process or something. I was interested because he said they use much less water than other carpet cleaners. Can the carpets get as clean with less water? Thanks in advance for letting me know of your experience. I have tried to find online reviews of this particular franchise, but there were none online.

Carpet Cleaner Dude answers:

I had friends who owned a Chem Dry franchise and yes, the carpets did come clean with less water. That meant they dried quicker. However, it costs more. So, its up to you – dry sooner but pay more, or dry later. Personally, I find no difference in cleanliness between the two.

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