David asks…

Can you use a carpet cleaner on a ultrasuede couch?

I have a light tan ultra suede couchh that needs a good cleaning. Can I use a carpet cleaner on it? Does anyone know the approx dry time?
I was planning on using like a carpet cleaner machine.
If that won’t work any other suggestions?
UGH! I just started cleaning with water and dish soap on the most noticeable spots. Will it dry fine or did I just ruin my couch?

Carpet Cleaner Dude answers:

If you use anything liquid, you will be left with water marks that are nearly impossible to remove. You can, however, use dry carpet cleaning granules which will remove both dirt and grime as well as stains. Resolve and Capture both make them. Simply apply, agitate with a suede or soft brush, leave it sit on the surface for 30 minutes and then vacuum. There is not enough moisture in them to cause damage.

Mandy asks…

Can you use bleach in a carpet cleaner?

I have a carpet cleaner & I was wondering if instead of putting the cleaner in it to clean my bedroom carpets if I could use just bleach w/ the hott water? My carpets are almost a white color but are stained pretty bad thanx to a dog we used to have. I was wanting to clean it all & sanatize it & thought that would be a good wayy to do it.. Let me know what everyone thinks. Thanx!

Carpet Cleaner Dude answers:


I am a carpet cleaner, so I can answer this one for you…

NO !!!

Your white carpet is not naturally white, it is died white.If you use bleach then it may turn green, or worse.It may look ok for a week or so but it will destroy your carpet.We sometimes use hydrogen peroxide, which is like bleach, but only safe if highly diluted.

Here is how to remove the stains…

Remember, staining is influenced by many factors, and no carpet is completely stain proof. Always test any detergent on an inconspicuous area of carpet prior to treating a stain. Use natural detergents at recommended dilution ratios. Gently scrape up or blot up any access prior to treatment. Never rub or scrub, this will make the stain worse. Do not over wet into the carpets backing materials, this can cause water stains. Do not use inappropriate detergents on carpets or upholstery i.e. Washing up liquid, wash powders, household bleach, disinfectants etc.Always work from the outside of the stain inward to avoid spreading. Always apply the cleaning fluid to the absorbent spotting material, not directly onto the carpet or fabric. Keep the fabric or carpet as dry as possible to prevent water stains.
Greasy Stains. Chocolate, Butter, Lipstick, some Oily Food stains, some Ink. Apply small quantity of Surgical spirit to some cotton wool or Q-tip. Using the lightly soaked cotton wool apply to the edges of the stain working inwards to the centre. Gently press (Blot) either Terry towel, or plain white kitchen towel, and repeat as necessary until the stain no longer transfers. Do not allow penetration into the back of carpeting or foam filling materials! Some fabrics may darken initially during this process. Using a detergent solution on cotton wool, dampen the area and follow up by blotting with kitchen roll or terry towel. Dry, using hair dryer, continually moving over the damp area. This will help to prevent water marking
Water Based Stains. Tea, Coffee, Fruit juices, Wine, some Basic Food stains. Soak up immediately using absorbent material or suck up with a wet pick up vacuum. Rewet the area using tepid water on a small piece of sponge or cotton wool. Blot with dry absorbent material Terry towel, kitchen roll, Repeat as necessary. Dry with hair dryer keeping the dryer moving all the time, this will help to prevent watermarking.
Dried In Stains. Detergent Solution: Two liters of tepid water + a quarter of a teaspoon of carpet shampoo + one eggcup of white vinegar. Rewet the stained area using the detergent solution applied on a piece of cotton wool. Blot using kitchen roll or terry towel and follow directions as above.

For more info check our website http://natradry.com/


good luck

Lisa asks…

What is the best reasonably priced carpet cleaner?

I have two dogs and two young boys who track in lots of dirt, spill things and a puppy who still has accidents from time to time. I usually have my carpets cleaned professionally, but I would like to try to save a little money and do it myself. Any recommendations on a good carpet cleaner?

Carpet Cleaner Dude answers:

I have a Hoover steam cleaner and I like it but, I really believe that once we clean our carpets ourselves with any of the commercial ‘shampoos’ for carpets that they seem to attract more dirt and stains. When carpeting is new, it has scotch guard or other product on it to help prevent stains and repel dirt. Once we shampoo the carpet, we remove some or all of that protectant.

I like Woolite shampoo for steam cleaners the best but with pets, I use many of the different products used that is supposed to be more efficient at removing pet odors.

Maria asks…

What is the best good value carpet cleaner for sale at the moment?

I want to clean my beige carpets to get them back to new, after my pup decided to go in front of the TV while i wasnt looking. Can anyone recommend a good carpet cleaner?

Carpet Cleaner Dude answers:

I purchased the Vax Rapide 027PT XL pro for my carpets as my dog has weed on there and has also been out in the garden and has come in with mud all over her.

I found that nothing else would work as good as this.

The carpet cleaner cost me £170.00 and it is like a hoover although it sprays the solution onto your carpet (you don’t have to mix it yourself it’s just so simple) and it cleans your room in minutes.

I would highly suggest that you get one because as you puppy grows older he/she will still be bringing in muck from the garden or outside and especially having a beige carpet it is definitely a good investment.

The solution for it is easy to find and is very cheap so really it is just the initial cost of the actual carpet cleaner itself.

Hope i helped.x.

Donna asks…

How do I safely use vinegar in a carpet cleaner ?

I never trusted people who say they clean with vinegar. I tried it on my carpet and it amazingly removed a high traffic stain.
Can I use it in a carpet cleaner ? Carpet washer ?

Carpet Cleaner Dude answers:

Vinegar is safe for cleaning. You can use it to clean out coffee makers. You can add it to your laundry to eliminate odors. I would imagine you can use it in your carpet cleaner, but I would mix it half and half with water. I use a water/vinegar mixture in a spray bottle to help with pet odors. Try going to Google and type in Cleaning with Vinegar. You’ll probably find all sorts of hints there.

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