Lisa asks…

Carpet cleaner question -? Bissell pro heat carpet cleaner?

I own a Bissell pro heat carpet cleaner. The trigger on the carpet cleaner for the soap mixture to spray on the carpet is not working. Obviously it is stuck or gummed up with soap residue, how do I fix this?

Thank you!

Carpet Cleaner Dude answers:

I own the same machine and have experienced the same problem. First make sure the machine is unplugged. You will need a small Phillips head screw driver to loosen one screw and the top of the handle and two screws on either side about 10″ down from the top. Once the screws are removed the should be enough clearance to access the trigger. Try cleaning the trigger will warm water (be sure to let it dry before plugging it back in again. Sometimes all you will need to do is loosen the screws and then re-align the trigger then tighten again.

Sharon asks…

Problem with Bissell pro heat carpet cleaner?

I can’t get the soap cleaner to spray out of my carpet cleaner – how to fix?

Carpet Cleaner Dude answers:

Yup got one been there done that….
you probably left the control on high traffic instead of OFF. or water only.
you remove the dispenser bottle and rinse the area with hot water a lot of it, then you take off the little whirly thing and clean that…… red spinning thing under a cap. rinse that. then take the whole thing into the tub and in just enough water to not get into the motor you fill with hot water, this will unclog the hose to the sprayer. Like me I now rinse it on water only then store it..

Charles asks…

Please give me a report on the Bissell pro-heat carpet cleaner. How does it compare to others on the markst?

Carpet Cleaner Dude answers:

I don’t know about Bissell but I have a Hoover Dual V and I love it, easy to use and the carpets dry fast….if you do web searches on both you will find pro’s and con’s on both, but a friend of mine let me borrow her Hoover Dual V and I was really impressed with the job it done so my husband bought me one for my birthday. The Rug Doctors also do a great job, but are bulky to move around…Good luck in your search.

Robert asks…

Does anyone own the Bissell Pro Heat Carpet Cleaner?? Need help.?

Ok, this is weird. I owned a Hoover carpet cleaner for many years and NEVER had this happen.
This was given to me as a gift (Bissell Pro Heat), yes a gift, and I use the recommended solution for it, and even used the Walmart Brand solution too. I have a beige carpet and most of the times when the carpet dries, there are light brown spots.
They are horrible looking and when I go over it, again, it gets worst.
I have used cold water in the machine and not using the heat, and I’ve used the hot water, and still spots appear.
Why is this?
Anyone else out there had this problem?
These stains were not there before I shampoo. They appear after I clean. I clean all brushes and tanks after each use.
Ok, more info I forgot.
This carpet is 10yrs old and usually had a professional do it. Then bought the Hoover because I clean alot and having someone come in got real expensive. The Bissell was given as a gift.
They appear in all different areas. Not the same place.

Carpet Cleaner Dude answers:

I work for a bissell warranty center, and I have a carpet cleaning certification through a reputable company. The term for whats happening to your carpet is browning. Soap is designed to attract dirt to it, so that when you extract the soap(shampoo) back out, the dirt comes with it. If you don’t get all the soap back out, the residue will attract dirt, and the result is browning. The big secret in cleaning carpet well, is to go over it again with a “rinsing agent”. This is a product designed to break down shampoo and neutralize it. Since you’ve already shampooed your carpets before, there’s probably a lot of residue built up in it already. I would just use a rinse the next time, and you might be pleasantly surprised by the results. Misco makes a product called “Rinse and Neutralizer.” That’s the best stuff I’ve found. You probably won’t find it in a big box store. You might have to go Janitorial Supply house. Regardless of what anyone says, it will not hurt your machine, in fact, it helps get the hard water and shampoo build up back out of the lines, pump, and heater. The machine will work better and last longer if you use it. If you can’t find it let me know and I will help you.

Ruth asks…

how to get my bissell pro heat carpet cleaner to spin?

Carpet Cleaner Dude answers:

From the Bissell Website manual for this machine… Assuming you have power and are pulling the trigger –

DirtLifter PowerBrush does not turn.

Possible Cause1. The brush belt or pump belt is off or broken.

Remedies 1. Turn the machine OFF (O) and unplug from the outlet. To check if the brush belt or pump belt has broken, you will need a flat head screwdriver. Insert the blade end into the lower slot of the belt access door to release the lower snap. If necessary, insert the blade end into the upper slot to release the upper snap. Examine the belt for breakage. If broken, please refer to Replacement Parts on page 19 before calling Consumer Services. Complete installation instructions will accompany the replacement belt.

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