Laura asks…

I moved into a new house, and the hook-up for the dryer vent hose is oblong shaped, but my dryer hose is round?

How do I attach it? Is there an adapter or do I need to buy a different dryer vent hose?
It doesn’t seem to be able to fit…I have never seen this shape for a dryer hook up either. It is an oblong circle with two sides being parallel straight lines and the other twos sides being round. Looks like the shape of a car muffler.
It looks like…


But complete the top line. It is a 2 year old house, so i do not know why it would have an oddly shaped hook-up.
Thanks for the help so far though.
Thanks everyone.

Carpet Cleaner Dude answers:

You CAN get an adaptor for this. If you are U.S then im not sure of the merchants you can go to but Home Depot seems to have a fair bit of stuff in! In U.K you can get adaptors from VentCenter, BuildCenter, EdmundsonsElectricalWholesalers and many more. Even B&crappyQ do some but its pot luck with them.

Take a picture in to any decent merchants or electrical wholesalers and they can either get you one, have one in stock, or at least point you in the nearest stockist direction as they get asked this stuff all the time.

The oblong/eliptical type vent comes from vents from cooker hoods so they can be concealed above work units. Instead of ordering separate gear on site to these new-build houses they used them for everything eg extractor fan outlets on bathrooms, hob extractors, tumbledryer outlets, for the sake of cost effectiveness and buying in bulk. An adaptor will cost between £4 to £12 depending on merchants.

Good luck and im sure you will find one fairly easily with only a small ammount of leg work.

Plumbing and Heating engineer for 12 years and often have to make a square peg fit in a round hole! Safe and legally too! Thats the hard part

Betty asks…

dryer vent hose doesn’t reach window….?

I just purchased a dryer and the vent hose doesn’t reach the window. Is it ok to use the dryer without the hose, or can the heat cause problems?

Carpet Cleaner Dude answers:

It wont be too much of a problem. I know people who just leave the hose at the side of the dryer when its on. The kitchen gets steamy but its not a big deal. It makes the house smell nice too..

Our dryer was on top of the washer for a year or so and the dryer has a vent ONLY on the front of the door with no hose. So we just directed the vent towards a window and the place was lightly steamy but its not a problem tbh.

Sandy asks…

Where is the vent hose to my dryer?

My dryer has not been drying properly, as it takes hours and hours to even partially dry a load of laundry. The clothes get hot, but they remain very wet, and create a lot of humidity. I have stacked washing machine and dryer and they are both Kenmore. The machines where here when I moved in, but I don’t believe they are that old (maybe 4 years). I have read other questions and believe I may just need to clean out the hose. Can anybody tell me where to find this hose? Does it run from the back of the dryer to the outside??(I live in a condo complex) And if it’s in the back of the dryer, can I reach it from the inside of the dryer, or will I have to get the dryer down? . Do you have any other suggestions on repairing the problem?

Carpet Cleaner Dude answers:

It’s on the back of the dryer and I’ve never seen one that you can get to from the front.. Just slide it out from the wall a little bit, enough that you can see it . It’s probably silver in color. Make sure it’s not kinked. You might have bumped it and didn’t realize you did. Once your sure it’s not kinked, dry a load of clothes. If they are still wet, then take the hose off and clean out the vent. To be honest with you , you should probably clean it out either way. But be careful you don’t kink the hose when you slide it back.

Helen asks…

torn dryer vent hose?

Is it possible for a perfectly fine dryer vent hose to tear on its own accord or does some sort of damage have to happen (ex: poking and proding or small rip occurring during service, etc.)?

Carpet Cleaner Dude answers:

Well anything is possible…but would have to say that something caused it to rip..the metal rib inside of the hose could have done it..might have been a sharp edge or broken and you didn’t know when air was going through it the movement caused it to rip….

George asks…

Is the vent hose attached to a dryer important?

Me and my roommate had a debate over why our dryer wasn’t working and I claimed that it was due to the vent hose in the back not being hooked up. It was completely off the dryer. He claimed it has nothing to do with it and said it was just busted. I’m pretty sure I’m right but could anyone explain why?

Carpet Cleaner Dude answers:

Your exhaust should be hooked up, to remove lint and condensation, otherwise it will just pile up behind the machine and create a fire hazard. With that said, it’s unlikely that the hose not connected is causing the dryer not to work as it’s only duty is to remove lint, it’s not necessary for operation.

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